Sugar Free Gelatin Jellybeans

Some days you hit it out of the park, and some days you can barely crawl to first base. Yesterday was a "hit it out of the park" kind of day when it came to making Easter treats. With only a couple of days left until Easter, I'm leaving you with a short but sweet recipe for sugar and fruit free jellybeans that pack a punch with loads of gelatin and coconut cream. Without further ado, here is the low down:

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Sugar Free Jellybeans


*2 cans (5 oz each) coconut cream

*1 can coconut milk

*Extracts of choice (I used vanilla, peppermint, almond)

*Food based dye (I used India Tree-

*gelatin (I use this kind)

*molds (I got mine off of eBay)


1. Open into pan and blend together coconut cream and milk

2. Sprinkle 8 TB gelatin over the top and stir in until blended. It will be chunky!

3. Heat mixture until smooth. Add extracts and food coloring. (I divided mine into 3 bowls for 3 colors and flavors)

4. Using a cup with a pour spout (I used a measuring cup), pour into molds and place in freezer for 15 min.

5. Using knife, pop out of molds.