Something's Fishy

I have never been a huge fan of fish. The smell, the taste, the bones....Don't even get me started on the stuff at the grocery store with the skin still on and eyes still in. If I want it that fresh, I'll go sit on a boat myself and catch it. Even in that scenario you'd never find me filleting it out myself. There is only so far I will go for food, especially fish. Enter Wild Run Salmon. I discovered amazing company six years ago, toward the beginning of my Real Food Journey. Matt, the owner, was sampling his fish at an event, and I hesitantly tried it. If you have never tried truly wild salmon from Alaska, you are missing out. This fish had a delicate and rich flavor, highlighted by sea salt and lemon. No weird fishy taste or smell at all. Of course, being the meat hoarder I am (more on that later), I promptly bought 25#.

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