Body Care and Giveaway

Recently my two youngest children became interested in dressing up like mom. They trailed me to the bathroom every day and wanted 'in' on everything I did, from brushing my teeth and hair to putting on lotion and make up (on the very few days that I actually took time to put some on). Seeing as I don't use makeup on a daily basis, I didn't take the time to learn much about it. I knew it was pretty toxic, but at the rate of wearing it maybe twice a year, I just didn't see the value in upgrading. On the day my 5 and 2 year old asked to wear some make-up, that changed. I immediately knew that I needed to find better options. I began my search and came up empty handed. The beauty industry is rather unregulated in the US, and even when things are labeled as Organic, they may not be. Due to the demand by choosy consumers and by their own convictions, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) rates products and ingredients on a scale from 0-9 with a rating of 0-2 being in the green with no known toxicity. Two ingredients in to my makeup, and I stopped looking.

 By chance, I ran across a blog post on EcofriendlymamaUSA. I read her research and proceeded to look into the companies that she had narrowed her search to. Most of the companies I had heard of before, but a few were new to me and had not come up in my searches. Needless to say, it took me a long time to research. I feel that Ecofriendlymama did a fantastic job in creating an approved, so-so, and not recommended list and, not being one to want to spend my time recreating the wheel, I encourage you to read through her process and the breakdowns. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and a comfy chair though, it will take you awhile. 

I settled on trying a few products from Poofy Organics and was so happy with everything about the products. The backstory of the company is close to my heart, as my family has suffered the loss of my father and older sister to cancer. As I continue to learn more about known contributions that disrupt the delicate balance of life, I am compelled to share and make changes in my own. It's a work in progress. After looking through and researching, what impressed my most is their drive to create wholesome and healthy products for the whole family. One month after beginning my search, I decided to become a distributor. I have since sent my teenage nieces some of the products to replace the ones in their stashes and they LOVE them. Everything from the deodorant to toothpaste to the Zit Zapper. They are loving this stuff. Furthermore, I feel ok in sharing with my children when they ask.

I know that it's difficult and expensive to replace makeup and cleaning products, so I'm giving away two prizes; one Poofy Organics item of your choice worth $20 or less, and another at $10 or less. The winners pay nothing. I am confident that the winners will love what they choose, and I am driven to get you all on the path to great health by taking notice of what goes on the body, and not just in.

Men! Please don't disregard this contest. Poofy Organics has men's line too! This company has something for everyone. I have tried only a fraction of what is offered and have been happy with all of it. I'd love if you entered the contest and win something yourself. Even if you don't win, I encourage you to try something or buy it as a gift for someone else. The contest begins today at 12: 00pm EST and ends on October 31, 12:00am EST. Please forward this contest to your friends and family who might be interested.

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